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Navigating in complex and uncertain world requires to develop new GPS(1), able to define the right balance between short and long-term, between global and local, between process and innovation,  between speed and depth of change, between zero risk and chaos, etc.

(1) Global performance systems

And to cope with the complexity and increasing uncertainty of a constantly evolving/accelerating world, “many brains are better than one!”… Provided that they work together to take full advantage of collective intelligence, bringing higher added-value than the sum of its parts.

Did you ever question on “How could your team experience the whole benefits and tangible results of high-performance-teams”(2)?

… With more than twenty years of experience of complex transformations, crisis management and individual, team’s and organizational coaching within large groups (CAC40, SBF120, Fortunes 500),  we combine our different expertise to address your specifics needs, and give you the adequate level of support to reach the pace & depth of viral transformation® that you want.

(2)see the many concrete cases exhibited in our works, including the collective leader®, a new art of power (dunod, Jan 2017) and Collective success: change your method! (ReThink & LEAD Edition, Dec 2018)

1/ Far more than methods and tools, collective intelligence & trust are the enablers for highperformance, innovation and agility. As they can’t be proclaimed nor bought, we help you to create the right conditions within your COMEX or your management team to get better results, make better decisions and create higher shared value by experiencing the power of a genuine collaboration and dialogue. 

2/ We help you to define the best GPS/path and the desired modalities to accelerate your transformation and spread the virus of the trust and collective mindset throughout your entity/organization.

3/ We co-build the process of viral transformation® specifically tailored to your objectives, context and challenges. We define the right level of support to reach the pace and depth that fits your transformational approach to help your remain -at every moment and in each stages- the key players of your transformation viral®.  

The outputs : better results, create more value and sustainable performance, with less energy, less resources, less conflicts and more commitment and pride of the various actors.

Change is often poorly perceived; it generates uncertainty, fears, resistances, as long as the people focus on what they could or will lose instead of focusing on everything they have to win, everything that change makes possible and accelerates.

Yet some key players understand the need to transform and see changes as opportunities ! 

They are ready to (re)think the criteria of collective success, the way of working together, the organization and the interactions to place the business in positive momentum and anchor trust and accountability.

We help you identify them, and strengthen them to initiate the positive viral approach that will set the new behaviors, mindsets and culture as the new standard within the Organization:

> Giving meaning > Mobilize/engage > Create the conditions of trust > Establish a State of mind of co-responsibility > Co-build > Fostering innovation/creativity

Finding the right mix between individual and collective sessions, our change catalysts provide them with the appropriate support to raise awareness, strengthen their reflections and find their genuine leadership style so that they feel confortable to act accordingly and find new ways to build trust and collective mindset to get more commitment from their teams.

We are convinced that you already have within your organization the key-change-players that you often search for outside or in ready-to-use methodologies.

And we help you to strengthen their ability to be, think and act as a collective leader®. A leader who understands the need for change in methods, paradigm and leadership culture to unleash the full potential of his people and teams and make the viral transformation® happen!

We help you create the “Positive Flip” by providing support to your key-leaders, enabling them to impulse and foster the right conditions for collective intelligence, shared value creation and meaningful transformation
Let’s try our Viral transformation® approach to set up a new dynamic within your team/entity.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more: contact@rethinkandlead.fr or