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Navigating in complex and uncertain world demand to develop new GPS(1), able to define the right path between short term and sustainability of the company , between global and local, between process and innovation, between zero risk and chaos, between speed and depth of change, etc.

(1) Global performance systems

And to cope with the complexity and increasing uncertainty of a constantly evolving/accelerating world, “many brains are better than one!”… Provided that they are able to combine and work together to avoid cacophony and take full advantage of collective intelligence, than the sum of its parts.

The collective, everyone talks about it, the poster, claims it. But few teams live it, really, with its benefits and tangible results, striking(2).

… We put more than twenty years of experience of complex transformations, crisis situations and accompanying teams of groups of the CAC40 and SBF120 at your service and combine our different expertise serving your needs, the level of support you want and the rhythm of viral transformation® you want.

(2)see the many concrete cases exhibited in our works, including the collective leader®, a new art of power (dunod, Jan 2017) and Collective success: change your method! (ReThink & LEAD Edition, Dec 2018)

1/ We allow you to live this experience of the performance collective®, beyond the methods and techniques, within your COMEX, from your management team, your entity or with peers from other companies so that, contaminated by the trust and collective virus, you and your top leaders can, in your turn, to live this experience in the long term within the teams, and your entities: Achieve better results, create + value sustainably, with -energy and-resources consumed, -conflicts and + commitment and pride of the various actors.

2/ We define with you the best GPS/path and the desired accompaniment modalitiesto spread the virus of the successful collective® and trust within your entity/organization from the experience that you have experienced with your team/within a collective.

3/ We co-build together the process of viral transformation® specific tailored to your objectives, context and challenges. We define together the level of support you desire and the rhythm you want to give to your approach. We stimulate and accelerate your dynamic by personating the contributions of a team experienced and United by strong values and professional ethics, but you remain at every moment and in each step the key players of your transformation viral®.

Change is often poorly perceived; the uncertainty that it generates Catalysis fears, resistances, as long as a course has not passed. Yet some key players understand the need to transform!

They are ready to transform the deep constraints and mutations of their ecosystems into great opportunities to (re) think about the criteria of collective success, the workings, the Organization and the interactions to place the business in positive momentum and anchor trust and accountability.

We help you to identify them, and to reinforce them to initiate by your side the positive viral approach from these key actors, bearers of the behaviors of the State of mind and the culture that you want to be installed in within the Organization:

> Giving meaning > Mobilize/engage > Create the conditions of trust > Establish a State of mind of co-responsibility > Co-build > Fostering innovation/creativity

Mixing individual and collective approaches, our catalysts changes accompany them in their reflections, exchanges, retreat and put into action until the example of collective successes that they make possible speaks of oneself, spreads and makes envy to others to switch, in turn, in this revolution of the trust and the collective, creating more commitment and value, lasting.

Each problem has its modality of intervention and its specific interlocutor.

At your side, we (re) invent the accompaniment of change and you leave the first role, from A to Z!

La Viral transformation®: A change of method also on the part of our Change catalysts, executives coaches and organization coaches, who accompany and support those who wear it on a daily basis, (re) think of the role of the leader in their teams and transform relationships within their company and with different stakeholders.
We promote experimentation and transmission so that your key players experience the collective performance® and find their best leadership posture and their right rhythm to set up a new dynamic at within their entity.

Our change catalysts, Executive coachs, organization coach mobilize to accelerate your efforts while respecting your goals, your stakes, your rhythm and your specificities. Let’s talk about it.


Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more: contact@rethinkandlead.fr or