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Founded by Paule Boffa-Comby in 2005, originally under the name PEMA-Partner (Performance.Engagement.Mediation.Alliances), which became Rethink & LEAD in 2014 to mark an international shift, our consulting & coaching firm specialises in supporting the Directorates-General of large organizations wishing to accelerate the transformations, to encourage the commitment of employees and to rely on the collective intelligence of the teams to generate a dynamic of viral, powerful and positive change.

Paule Boffa-Comby a créé PEMA-PArtenaire en 2005, devenu ReThink & LEAD en 2014 pour s'internationaliser

At the origin of this specific, unique and avant-garde methodology that she called Viral Transformation.®, Paule Boffa-Comby has been working for more than 20 years in CAC40 and SBF120 groups and has several dozen team coaching and several hundred executive coaching, particularly in contexts of complex transformations or situations of crises due to abrupt changes in the ecosystem of the teams or companies concerned.

Passionate about the impact of relationships and interactions on the performance of teams and organizations, she has progressively specialized in coaching managers, teams and organizations. Her interventions are particularly sought for their relevance and the invitation they represent to open new fields of possibilities in terms of leadership, collective intelligence and support for change, with a particularly recognized expertise on the themes of the Collective Leader®, conditions that make a Collective Performing, Trust and Viral Transformation®.

Also an author and speaker, Paule Boffa-Comby regularly writes columns in Les Echos Business, Harvard Business Review, Courrier Cadres, l’Expansion Management Review, Journal du Net, …

In 2014, she created the first Network of Responsible Change Leaders, bringing together Executives who share a common desire to put the human at the heart of performance and sense and confidence at the heart of success.

She also works as a Professor-Consultant in Leadership and Personal Development at the EMBA of EMLyon Business School. She was a member of the board of the MEDEF Social and Management Innovation Commission for several years until 2017.

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jean-Paul Bailly, henri Lachmann, Bertrand Collomb, un comité des sages melant exigence et bienveillance pour nous challenger positivement et nous pousser toujours plus loin dans l'excellence

Jean-Paul BAILLY, Honorary President of the La POSTE Group, Bertrand COLLOMB, Honorary President of the LAFARGE Group and Henri LACHMANN, former Chairman and CEO of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, are at our side to enlighten us, guide us and allow us to stay the course and the uniqueness of this approach.

Excerpts from the cross-talk of Henri Lachmann, Jean-Paul Bailly, Paule Boffa-Comby and Bertrand Collomb (from left to right) invited to the Interviews of Valpré following their joint forum in Les Echos Business of 7/12/15 – Reinventing the business

Discover our Chronicle Les Echos du 7/12/15

It is up to us to re-invent leadership models so that everyone can rediscover a space of breathing, initiatives and responsibility that engages, mobilizes and inspires them to give their best to the service of collective success.

Read the entire forum in the Echos of Paule Boffa-Comby, Jean-Paul Bailly, Bertrand Collomb and Henri Lachmann: (re)Donner Sens et Confidence pour transformer les crises en opportunités

Equipe ReThink & LEAD- experience-convictions-valeurs-partagées

To be able to accompany the deployment of the approaches to his clients, in France and internationally, Paule Boffa-Comby has progressively surrounded herself with a team of experienced coaches and change catalysts, all of whom have a great knowledge of broad organizations and share a strong professional ethic, common values and beliefs based on the experience of the company and transformations, that they all lived ‘ from within ‘ before accompanying them as and stakeholders.

The same motto guides us, in our interactions between us and with our customers :
walk the talk !”: “together we go further and we find better solutions”.

We pay great attention to the quality of the courses, the personal journey and the complementarity of the approaches and competences of our stakeholders, all chosen to respond to the diversity of your contexts, issues and needs.

We do not give in to the call of “industrialization” and the ‘ race to the number ‘ which prevails too often in our sector of activity. All our interventions share the same promise to customers : “the quality of the interventions rather than the amount of hours spent.”

To keep our commitment to your side-help you (re) think transformation otherwise, by leveraging those who understand the need for change, which are driven and determined to implement it in the interests of the company, its customers and the company, we make sure that we continually rethink our business, our methods and our approaches to improve them constantly, strong feedback from experiences received for more than twenty years as a trusted partner of our customers.

Gathered very regularly to share-and take a step back-on their interventions, the teams ReThink & LEAD attach great importance to live what they offer to their customers: “live a successful collective, based on the meaning (Why? For what?) et trust (how?). ”

By your side as a true partner, we accelerate your individual transformations, teams and organization:

schéma méthodologie ReThink & LEAD pour l'accompagnement de la transformation virale® : leaders, équipe, organisation, Why, how, Who ?

We intervene indistinctly in French or English.

ReThink & LEAD carries in its DNA a pragmatic and field approach, as well as an anchoring of its know-how in a scientific corpus inspired by the systemic, behavioural and cognitive approaches, Neuroscience as well as by positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. Placing human beings at the heart of our approach seems to us to require the requirement of rigour as much as creativity and adaptability.

ReThink & LEAD continually invests in research and innovation to address the needs and challenges of leaders and organizations facing a vuca world (Vulneralibity Uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity (1)) and develop new leadership practices tailored to unlock team potentials.

ReThink & LEAD’s DNA is to contribute positively to building a better future and to help leaders and organizations find their way to maximize value creation shared by all stakeholders (shareholders, customers, collaborators, and territories).