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Paradoxical managers, high value-added balance-makers, you must constantly find the right pointer between short-term and company sustainability, global and local, leadership (take a step”) and accountability(“empowerment”), between process and innovation, etc. And know how to (re)adjust constantly…

As key players in Transformation, you are aware of your rolewithin the organisation, with your teams and what it means to want to play more collectively, more agileand more engaged and effective.

Challenged by a constantly accelerating world, new customer and employee expectations and technological disruptions, you know that your leadership role is evolving and you too must evolve to be able to unleash the full potential of your teams, keep the best and lead your entity towards more and more performance and sustainable growth.

The ridge line is narrow and each of your decisions is scrutinized, analyzed by your teams, by the organization, in search of inspiration, coherence and reasons to engage fully in the change to make it possible, together!

Rethink & LEAD for Change® is a pioneering, one-of-a-kind initiativedesigned specifically for leaders-key to increasing their impact and their ability to bring the transformation of the Collective and accountability into credible and inspiring leaders.

Its innovative and multi-dimensional modalities are the result of more than fifteen years of working alongside leaders and teams that are performing (and less performing, which have been transformed) and listening in depth to the specific needs of a demanding and highly challenged population. Each dimension of this Premium Executives program responds to a specific challenge and combines with the others to give its full effectiveness to the 1st -and only- inter-company Premium courses(1)existing to date to accelerate the transformation by key leaders.

(1) non-competitive undertakings & confidentiality guaranteed

Sharing successes, co-building new leadership models, rethinking organizational models, experimenting with new leadership postures with demand and openness… Rethink & LEAD offers you a space, physical and online, to take back and exchange experiencesof quality and in all confidentiality, between key leaders-actors of change, selected by their CEO, all of whom are determined to Create shared value, sustainable growth and innovation through trust, sense and collective intelligence .”

A unique opportunity toaccelerate your search for the “how?”,optimize your learning curve andbe strengthened in your own leadership path, that is, the most efficient and appropriate way to your own personality and your particular context.

By facilitating contacts and exchanges of quality, sharing of differentiating experiences and awareness by each of its own style of leadership, RETHINK & lead helps you to develop the new key postures for mobilize the teams and make a real difference in today’s complex and uncertain world.

With each profile, its dedicated approach:


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