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We see coaching as a service, as a mindset, as an art : an anchor to impulse viral transformation®:

Enabling your ability to make a breakthrough and adopt a more effective leader’s style as a CEO, fostering ‘Trust & enable‘ (instead of holding-on yesterday’s paradigm of ‘command & control‘) Executive Coaching. Unleash the potentials of your team by reinforcing coherence & cohesion among its members. Help your management team to be able to impulse and reinforce the desired mindset & culture to accelerate viral transformation® : team coaching. Define, set-up and strengthen behaviors & culture that creates value for your company: Organizational coaching.

Give yourself a unique time space to step back, to identify your resources, to build on your successes and to unleash your full potential as a leader.

« The more you get to know yourselves, the better collective leader you become and the more you are able to bring that specific added-value that makes the difference for a team or an organization”. Paule Boffa-Comby, author of numerous books and articles on leadership and collective intelligence(1)

(1) promote the talents (Eyrolles, 2007), walk the talk (Cherche-Midi, 2011), the collective Leader (Dunod, 2017), change method ! (ReThink & LEAD editions, 2018)

Coaching is a true partnership towards a co-defined goal, that is identified and achievable by each parties. A tailor-made approach that respects who you are, the goals you want to achieve, your pace and your priorities :

Some examples of objectives:

Increase your impact on all internal & external actors,
Optimize resources and enhance the efficiency of your teams and your organization
Prevent or deal with conflict.
Better communicate with your employees, customers and/or hierarchy.
Better manage your time and your stress…
Clarify priorities, mobilize your team
Develop a culture of trust to enable more collective intelligence and commitment
Identify and act according to your flow, your strategy of excellence
Managing a diverse team

>> Learn more about our definition of coaching >> Examples of intervention

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We support each team through a tailor-made process to enable trust and collective intelligence, in accordance to the needs and objectives that are co-defined with its leader. We help increasing the flow, the cross-function fluidity and the quality of their dialogue to enable them to find their own answers to the challenges and problems they encounter by making the most of the individualities and the competences that compose it

“A Steering Committee, a team that works well, recognizes their ability to make decisions that are consistent with the Organization’s strategy and values. This, including in difficult times or facing a difficult situation. “Paule Boffa-Comby, Executive coach and author of walk the talk – another way to be a leader.

Within existing teams or teams being created, our tailor-made approaches are developed in close partnership with the leader and aligned with your culture, rhythm and strategy.

It combines individual times (preparation or in-depth interviews) and collective times (workshops and exchanges) in a sequence designed to optimize the results and strengthen the bound and interactions between the members of the team. 

>> Some examples of intervention:

Here are some of the application areas and benefits that you can expect from a team coaching.

Executive Seminars
Strengthen the coherence of the vision and actions to allow engagement of all employees
Optimize sustainable action and collective intelligence.
Work on interactions, prevent or manage conflicts,
Accompany the merger of two entities

Extended Team Seminar (> 20 people)
Allow a better and respective understanding of the roles and needs of different services to enable effective and better cross-sharing.
Develop a shared vision and shared goals to allow ownership and contribution.
Build a customer-orientated spirit.
Lead to operational and practical solutions in a short time space by mobilizing the collective intelligence on a chosen topic.

Team highlights during conventions
Strengthen customer-focused spirit allowing everyone to take ownership, to embody and disseminate it amongst his/her team.
Strengthen the ” diversity spirit” and capitalize on individual skills and talents,
Work on the fundamentals of responsible leadership and generate exchange to enable evolution.
Define the “interpersonal and/or operational” rules for the team 

Enliven project teams
Promote taking a step back, being constructively challenged to enable significant advances and avoid installation of “habits.”
Promote good management of priorities and deal with inherent the stress in any major project
Streamline relationships within project teams under strong pressure and difficult issues.
Empower and strengthen the actors of change that make up the team, to enable them to embody the project.

>> Learn more about our definition of coaching >> Examples of intervention

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more: contact@rethinkandlead.fr or

Support key players and dynamics of change to accelerate the success of transformations, promote innovation, and enable companies to:
Take the necessary turns, even when they are uncomfortable
Economic and human in each of their decisions
To transform crises and conflicts into opportunities.

The unique approach and methodologies of ReThink & LEAD, developed from a threefold experience of coaching, change management and leadership development programs, are recognized both for their innovative character and for their results.

Combining the levers of personal motivation and collective intelligence in an approach that serves the strategic objectives and takes into account of the individualities and competences carried out by the various stakeholders, our approach and methodologies enable you to establish the desired mindset and the conditions of trust and co-construction within your organization.

Management team seminars 
“Vision” seminar: defining a coherent and mobilising course, giving meaning.
To accompany the appropriation of the vision and the strategies by the teams. To facilitate the practical implementation on the ground by a methodology of accompaniment of the proven and global transformations.
Streamline relationships within project teams subject to high pressures and weight issues. 
Strengthen project promoters and change actors

Team reconciliation/merger
Re-mobilize actors around a shared vision
Defuse potential conflicts before they appear, resolve crises.
Give meaning to reinforce the adhesion and motivation of your collaborators.
Develop team cohesion
Develop collective intelligence based on individual talents.

Re Dynamisation of project teams
To promote the retreat, constructive questioning and cooperation to enable significant advances and avoid the installation of “habits”.
Promote the proper management of priorities and control the stress inherent in any important project
Streamline relationships within project teams subject to strong pressures and weight issues. 
Enhance the players of change that make up the team, reinforce them to embody the project.

“Spirit diversity/mixity” Cap
To accompany the different actors (eg: men/women/companies) to know each other better, to understand each other better to work together. 
Decode and surpass the ideas received so that everyone can reveal their talents and express their potential. 
Learn how to make the right diagnosis, evaluate the path that remains to be taken to mix/diversity an asset for the teams, added value for the company.


>> Learn more about our definition of coaching >> Examples of intervention

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more: contact@rethinkandlead.fr or