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Through empowerment, purpose and collective intelligence


ReThink & LEAD brings together C-level executives, ready to stand for more agility, more innovation and  to foster collective intelligence.  
Change leaders, they think & act to develop a new vision of a n°1 role & responsibilities : they want to be C5-LeadersTM : Catalyst, Change-Enabler, Co-Developper, Conflict-Unlocker, Credible Leader 
Contact us to receive our book : “C5-Leaders : transforming your organisation through collective”


Henri Lachmann, honorera Chairman of Schneider Electric group & Jean-Paul Bailly, honorary Chairman of La Poste, and our dearly remembered Bertrand Collomb, honorary Chairman of Lafarge group, were greatly committed on our side since the beginning of ReThink & LEAD, to positively challenge our work towards the emergence of our new approach of change to help large organizations better address the new challenges and the VUCA world.  

Benefiting from their experience did tremendously accelerate our journey and helped us to foster leadership development approaches and specific curriculums in line with our original purpose to (re)enable meaning and trust within large companies.


As the business world continues to experience profound changes, companies must adapt the sooner the better to not only survive, but built the conditions for long term successes. 
Having worked on major companie’s side ( Cac40, SBF 120, Fortunes 500), we came to the conclusion that dedicated space & time for C-Level executives were mandatory to boost transformation through walking the talk. 

ReThink & LEAD unique and innovative approach is based on the assertion : “Be the change that you wish to see in your company”

Why ReThink & LEAD ?  

RETHINK : Because we all have to Re-invent & Re-Think the way we consider the world and the business to make a difference 
& : Alone, we may go quicker but together we surely go further 
LEAD : Thinking is not enough, prove of change are needed to restore purpose and boost confidence & Trust