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Faced with the needs of a VUCA world(1), shaken by technological disruptions, new competition, new expectations of customers and employees, new rules of the game and distribution of forces on the world stage, companies that know how to transform the constraints and changes in their ecosystems into great opportunities hold the new keys to competitiveness. Meeting the strategic challenge of transformation then becomes a collective challenge that brings meaning and confidence!

We are convinced that it is possible to achieve best results, create more valuein the long term, with less energy and resources consumed, less conflict and more commitment and prideamong the various actors.

… at your side, we are driving and developing the conditions for a positive transformation dynamic, Viral Transformation®, by making the collective the engine of your sustainable performance.

We help you to (re)think about transformation differently, focusing on those who understand the need for change, who are driving and committed to implementing it for the benefit of the company, its customers and society!

We assume that you have the players in your organization to create the “Positive Shift” that drives Viral Transformation® . Our role is to “awake”, or even reveal, trust and collectiveby creating the right conditions and offering the necessary support to these actors the time it takes for them to be consciously “Collectively Performing”® ” and can then offer their teams, their peers and their mentees the benefit of what they have received.

Our signature: No big teams «plugged» to yours, no continuous consultants in your organization…
Your key actors, supported and recognized.

By your side, we initiate a positive viral approach by helping you to identify and strengthen these key players, who are carriers of the behaviours, mindsets and culture you want to establish within your organization. Until the example of the collective successes they make possible speaks of itself, spreads, contaminates and makes others want to shift, in turn, into this revolution of trust and collective, creating more commitment and value, sustainably.

At your side, with the firm intention that you will be able – as quickly as possible – to make this virale transformation® grow autonomously and self-supporting, we are positioning ourselves from the outset as a partner concerned with short-term success.medium and long term approaches. We help you to develop your own capacity to generate the changes you want to see in your organization.

We combine our expertise to meet your needs, the level of support you wantand the rate of viral transformation® you want.

We put more than twenty years of experience of complex transformations, crisis situations and accompanying teams of groups of CAC40 and SBF120 to accelerate your efforts by personating the contributions of a experienced team and United by strong values and professional ethics.

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We intervene indistinctly in French or English.

The collective, everyone talks about it, the poster, claims it. But few teams actually live it, with its benefits and tangible results.

… We allow you to experience of the successful collective®, within your COMEX, your management team, your entity or with peers from other companies so that, contaminated by the virus of trust and collective, you and your top leaders can, in your turn, make live this experience within the teams, and your entities.

But what collective are we talking about?

ReThink & LEAD carries in its DNA a pragmatic and field approach, as well as an anchoring of its know-how in a scientific corpus inspired by the systemic, behavioural and cognitive approaches, Neuroscience as well as by positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. Placing human beings at the heart of our approach seems to us to require the requirement of rigour as much as creativity and adaptability.

ReThink & LEAD continually invests in research and innovation to address the needs and challenges of leaders and organizations facing a vuca world (Vulneralibity Uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity (1)) and develop new leadership practices tailored to unlock team potentials.

ReThink & LEAD’s DNA is to contribute positively to building a better future and to help leaders and organizations find their way to maximize value creation shared by all stakeholders (shareholders, customers, collaborators, and territories).


(1) acronym used by the US Army to describe a vulnerable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment