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The world is increasingly questioned by powerful technologies, scarce resources, shift in demands of customers and employees, evolution of global balances. Taking your organization to the next level in this VUCA World requires the courage to acknowledge that what brought you here won’t lead you there.

To meet the strategic challenge of succeeding by facing these multidimensional changes, your organization and people should step into new paradigms and foster new methods to transform constraints into opportunities and find new competitive advantages.

Our mission :
Enable you -& your organization- to Be, Think & Act more collective 

We are convinced that it is possible to achieve better results, create more sustainable value, with less energy and resources, fewer conflicts and stronger commitment from the different stakeholders by being, thinking & acting more collectively.

We foster the conditions for a positive transformation dynamic and a sustainable performance.

Let’s think about the change differently and dare to (en)trust your own people to bring your organization where you want to – and even higher, if you truly empower them!

We are convinced that you already have within your organization the key-change-players that you often search from the outside or in ready-to-use methodologies.

And we help you to strengthen their ability to be, think and act as a Collective Leader®. A leader who understands the need for change in methods, paradigm and leadership culture to unleash the full potential of his people and teams, who places the client and society at the core of a powerful and collective momentum : a viral transformation® !

We help you create the “Positive Flip” by providing support to your key-leaders, enabling them to impulse and foster the right conditions for collective intelligence, shared value creation and meaningful transformation

Our signature : No permanent team “plugged” in your organization but experienced transformational coaches and change catalysts adding value to your key-leaders when needed and at specific key-moment.

We help you to identify and reinforce the behaviors, state of mind and culture that you wish to develop. Our specific approach spreads a viral trust and collective intelligence through direct experience, specific curriculum and transformational coaching that create more commitment, more collective success and an ability to diffuse by BEING & ACTING to set the example.

You chose the targeted pace and rythm you want for your viral transformation® and we create unique approaches to foster the condition to make it possible

We combine our different expertises to create unique approaches and meet your specific needs and situations.

We leverage more than 20 years of experience with large organizations (Cac40, SB120, Fortunes500) tailor-made answers to foster team dynamics, create one-of-a-kind leadership development programs and address complex transformations, conflicts and crisis. Our team shares strong values and a solid professional ethic.

We interact in French and English, in France, Europe and soon through Hubs in States, Asia and Africa.

ReThink & LEAD continuously invests in research and innovation to address the needs and challenges of today’s leaders and develop new leadership practices for 21st century executives and organizations.

Paule Boffa-Comby has published several books and articles on leadership, collective intelligence and viral transformation® 

ReThink & LEAD carries in its DNA a pragmatic and field approach, and its know-how is anchored in a scientific corpus inspired by the systemic, behavioral and cognitive approaches, as well as positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. Placing the human at the heart of our approach seems to require the requirement of rigor as well as creativity and adaptability.