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Walk the talk®, another way to be a leader-by Paule Boffa-Comby (published in 2011, Cherche-Midi)

In a world of shifting landmarks, at a time when crisis of confidence and defiance often and excessively characterize the look of both leaders and their companies, this book demonstrates that economic performance, human respect and environmental protection are more stimulated than they oppose.

Affirming that exemplarity is a source of efficiency, it details the fundamentals and benefits of the coherence of speeches and actions, the “walk the TalkTM” (which is understood as “engaging and acting”), both at the personal level for the leader organisational for the company.

Based on pragmatic and realistic observations and testimonies , he puts the concept of “being a leader” and its influence on the proper functioning of organizations at the Centre of the debate.

Adrunken tonic for any leader or future leader, high potential, management student, who gives concrete keys to meet the challenge of transformations needed for 21st century enterprises, promoting commitment, accountability and collective intelligence.

A new look at the company and the leaders for anyone who wants to go beyond a priori and received ideas.