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Trust, a new vision of leadership-the letter from the Executive-Laurent Cohen-Bacrie-Feb 16, 2017

Management By Laurent Cohen-Bacrie, LaLettreduCadre.fr

How to develop leadership based on meaning and trust? It is an “eternal” question that directly impacts the good collective health of an organization or entity. Paule Boffa-Comby suggests to exercise – without Utopia or theory – a new art of power based on meaning and trust, around ten golden rules.

Can you tell us what is at the origin of this book on the collective leader?

The need to accelerate transformations to enable companies to be more agile, more innovative and more efficient in the face of a world in profound change. And the need, in order to do this, to take into account the human factor, to evolve the principles of organization and leadership and to be interested in those who carry the change, the leaders, whose role and levers change also necessarily. The desire, also, to testify to publicize the collective successes that I had the chance to attend, sometimes in situations that could have been catastrophic if the leaders, the managers in place had not had the courage to act differently, to exercise a new art of power, based on the meaning and confidence.


How to develop leadership based on sense and trust?

Trust does not declare itself, it is built in time, with the strength of coherence and authenticity. Giving meaning to its teams requires listening, sincerity in Exchange. Create the conditions of trust

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