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Trust, a new leadership? -The 7 keys of collective intelligence-by Paule Boffa-Comby (published in 2015)

The world is evolving more and more rapidly and organizations need to transform in depth to succeed in taking the turn of digitization and seize the opportunities offered by a global and complex world.

Trust, a new leadership-annual Forum ReThink & LEAD 2015

To become more agile, more innovative and more responsive, companies and their leaders have no choice but to rethink their benchmarks and their ways of doing things.

Freeing the potentials of the teams to engage everyone in collective success is now the main challenge for change leaders. This goes through more confidence, more sense and collective intelligence. This book gives the basics:

> concrete keys to identify and master the essentials of a culture of leadership based on trust that multiplies the collective intelligence of teams.
> testimonials from leaders, who came to share their experiences and convictions as a responsible leader at ReThink meetings & lead.


Paule Boffa-Comby, President of ReThink & LEAD presents the first white paper of the movement, the result of reflections, exchanges and testimonies of leaders gathered on the year 2014-2015:

With the exclusive testimonies of Jean-Paul Bailly (SNCF, RATP), Michel Landel (Sodexo), Clara Gaymard (GE France), Pascal Casanova (Lafarge), François Brounais (Haworth), Mireille FAUGÈRE (Court of Auditors), Marie Vezy (Schneider Electric), Barbara Dalibard (SNCF voyages)

>> to learn more about the book, visit the author’s blog: www.pauleboffacomby.com
>> to order the book: trust, a new leadership on reThink & LEAD
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