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The Leader Collectif®, a new art of power- By Paule Boffa-Comby (published in January 2017)

This book is addressed to all these leaders -or future leaders-, numerous, convinced that companies -large and small- can play a major role in solving many of today’s problems (economic, environmental, etc.) if they are able to mobilize all the talents and resources they bring together within themselves. To all those who want to (re)place men and women at the heart of the company’s performance by putting the short term, processes and ‘management ideals’ back in their rightful place (tools for the sustainability and proper functioning of the company) to create more value and collective successes.


Reinvent your leadership role and streamline your organizations with the keys, the testimonials and practical cases presented in this book based on three founding principles drawn from the observation and experience of the successful Leaders Collectifs®:

1.The men and women who make up the organisation are more important than the processes,
2.Know-how takes precedence over knowledge and know-how
3. The example given by leaders makes all the difference in words and writings.

These three principles are expressed throughout our work, both in terms of what they imply in terms of leadership (The 10 golden rules of the Collective Leader: second part) only what they change in terms of the functioning of the organization (Another conception of power: third part).

To learn more about the book, visit his blog:www.leadercollectif.fr
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L’auteure, Paule Boffa-Comby, présente Le Leader Collectif :
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