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“The collective leader is not a superhero, but someone who knows how to create trust,” explains Paule BOFFA-COMBY

Article by CHRISTOPHE BYS-the new digital factory-10/02/2017

President and founder of PEMA-partner and ReThink & LEAD, Paule Boffa-Comby has just published the collective leader, a new art of power at Dunod publishing. It explains why transformation policies fail and under what conditions others succeed. To change, you have to start by changing the way of being a leader. No more Surman (or more rarely the superwoman) who knows everything. Place the leader who listens, co-builds and creates trust. In this practical book and with examples, it shows the importance of the leader for the company.

Find the article on: http://www.usinenouvelle.com/article/Le-leader-Collectif-n-est-pas-un-superheros-mais-quelqu-UN-qui-SAIT-Creer-la-Confiance-explique-Paule-Boffa-Comby.N499544