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Management: giving a clear framework for free autonomy

Mail frames. 25/01/2016. Article by Paule Boffa-Comby

Working with teams in a collaborative fashion is a trend and can be beneficial for the company. But in order for the leader to be reassured and employees to understand how far their collaboration can extend without this generating a kind of frustration, the framework for their participation must be clearly established. By Paule Boffa-Comby, President of ReThink & lead, who offers responsible leaders a place and tools to develop trust, sense and collective intelligence for more performance.

Creating a collective dynamic and appealing to the intelligence of all involve, for an organization, to know how to operate individual initiative and autonomy capacities, while developing a good understanding of the interactions and interdependencies between individuals on the same team, between services and divisions, countries or subsidiaries so that everyone serves the same purpose. The ability of initiative also speaks of the determination of a framework so that autonomy can be fully expressed.

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Paule Boffa – Comby