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Customer case: mixity = added value; including in the governing bodies, for a CAC40 industrial group

Objective : Establish the conditions for a better mix/diversity at all levels of the company, including in the governing bodies within a group of ACC 40 (industry)

Context : Awareness of the CEO of the link between diversity, innovation capacity and performance. Willingness to attract new talents and evolve leadership models.

Issues : raise awareness, mobilize and “equip” top management, mostly composed of engineering profiles, major schools, men, having made the major part of their career in this industry within a group with a strong home culture.

Modalities of intervention:

Tailor-made approach, different iterative phases with go/no go:
> Framing with the Group CEO and defining the objectives and the best approach
> Diagnosis-Flash of the situation via individual interviews with the members of the COMEX and a representative panel to establish a State of play and an action plan consistent with the strategy
> Exchanges on the basis of the diagnosis and setting of an action plan in the Executive Committee
> Series of individual interviews with each of the members of the top 50 and collective synthesis within the top 50 to generate awareness, identification of blocking points, appropriation of new reflexes and tracking/valorisation new profiles.
> Women leaders course (Hg 21 +) and coordination task force women high potential.

Results: awareness of perceived risk taking and identification of new profiles (which resulted in appointments a few months later). Acceptance of several functional shifts to operational positions for women who “would not have thought spontaneously”. Several effective success stories.