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Customer case: growth cap for a subsidiary of an international family group

Objective : Finding the way back to growth after two difficult years in a recession market through clarification of the business strategy and organization of teams and roles

Context : A very competitive market and in recession, with high tension on prices. Teams under stress, who don’t always work together and have conflicts.

Challenges : finding the path to growth Optimize the resources available through better inter-service collaboration, greater cross-versality and better information sharing. Improve communication.

Modalities of intervention:

Tailor-made approach, different iterative phases with go/no go:
> Framing with the leader and (re) setting priorities
> Diagnosis of tensions/collection of proposals via individual interviews with managers.
> Two-day management seminar : (R) establish sound collaboration bases around shared objectives/clarification vision and strategic axes (targeting, priorities, associated means)
> Constitution and co-animation of thematic projects with the managers concerned to develop proposals validated by the team of managers + individual red thread
> Co-animation of team meetings to clarify and solve blocking points
> Seminar launching the ” new strategy ” withall the teams.

Results: an effective return to growth after 6 months. A new Federative strategy and ambitious objectives co-defined and carried by all managers. A solidarity found within the team of managers, the modalities of collaboration clarified and effective. A positive dynamic that is felt and multiplied by teams and other services.