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Customer case: conflict management, and team remobilization for a large firm

Objective: To help the new Codir to surpass its different and to (re) mobilize all the actors of the two merged services in the service of the strategy and the objectives of the company

Background : Merging the two autonomous it services for 10 years to optimise the choices and services delivered to the entire organization.

Issues : It is potentially a tool of strategic differentiation vis-à-vis customers, employees can not do without the daily. The transition must be done without interruption or decline in quality.

Modalities of intervention: Conflict management in different phases:

> Framing with the leader
> “Mine clearance” and diagnosis of blockages and expectations in individual interviews.
> Management seminar : elaboration of a common vision and a Charter of interactions
> Co-animation of working groups to enable appropriation of vision and strategy
and consolidate the action by mixing the teams
> Milestones and regular interventions in meetings of the new Steering Committee to consolidate the new dynamics and fluidity of interactions and collaboration
> Individual interviews “red thread” for the members of the management team.

Results : A new Federative strategy and ambitious objectives validated by the management of the company. An appropriate and in-line reorganization with the operational needs, worked with the teams.
A transition and arbitrations made without interruption of services and with an implication and a quality perceived as improved.