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Commitment-a high performance indicator (mail frames. MAY 2016)

Mail frames. N ° 101-may 2016

The commitment of employees is paramount for the successful operation of a company. But it is not self-evident! It is up to the leader himself to create the conditions for the involvement of his collaborators through the #transversalité and the #collaboration. By Paule Boffa-Comby, President and founder of the appointments leaders ReThink & lead, author of the #confiance, a new leadership?. At the heart of a complex and uncertain world, captured in real time by customers and collaborators connected 24/7, agility, responsiveness and innovation have become the watchwords of our large organizations. Far from being just words, these new prerequisites of success call for a profound change of mindset: (re) place the #collectif at the heart of the modus vivendi of the teams and the Organization for more transversality, collaboration and so, in fine, performance.

To make a real difference in a highly competitive and volatile market, a company – and its leaders – must, in fact, be able to mobilize in real time all the collective intelligence of its teams and put each one in the capacity to deliver the best of himself in connection with the other teams. The commitment thus becomes a proven competitive advantage.

Responsible for the leaders and managers to know how to develop and maintain it.

Engaging because it makes sense for yourself… see article