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Collective Success: Change Method! (Réussite Collective : Changez de Méthode !) – By Paule Boffa-Comby (published on dec, 10th 2018)

“The corporate culture that made us win yesterday is also the one that’s losing you today.” , becoming aware of it is a finding shared by more and more people. Together, let’s change the methodto create more value!

Moving from conviction to action is now essential. Many books talk about the collective as a goal to be achieved, we have sought in this book to give the way to achieve it, with the experience of pioneers to accelerate the learning curve.

If the proliferation of so-called “participatory” methods and approaches can give the illusion of a real advance of the collective in the enterprise, the reality of our observations is that this collective remains too frequently a surface collective. The major change programmes are most often conducted in concentric circles, establishing spaces for exchange, sometimes real and of quality, which remain oriented towards what has been decided upstream, by some, in “top down”. To caricature purposely: “what comes out of these exchanges is what was instigated in the beginning”.

However, this collective does not deliver the value creation that a successful collective is likely to generate through real co-construction processes. Namely, new ideas, new solutions, new products, new methods, of course, but also the abandonment – wisely and more quickly – of ideas, of solutions, products, methods that are not relevant or obsolete.

3 Fundamentals at the Heart of Collective Success

To create more value and keep the best, this book proposes three founding principles derived from the observation and experience of trusted intrapreneurs who have succeeded:

1.Be brave and move from conviction to action,
2.Giving meaning and confidence to empower in a clear setting,
3.Surrounding the right people and building strong bridges

In this way, each of us, if we decide to do so, has the power to change the Company into an ecosystem that performs as well as that of solidarity, which brings innovation and progress for all. to Wherever they are in the organization, everyone can be (re)placed in charge, as actors of collective success at the service of a company that brings solutions -more than problems- and creates shared value (Shared value création).

How ?

These principles are expressed throughout our work, both in terms of what they imply in terms of leadership and what they change in terms of the functioning of the organization and the involvement of employees; with the light of those who have walked the path (their questions, their answers) and the richness of the lessons learned from the many experiences accompanied and analyzed by the author that will allow you to accelerate your learning curve and overcome the barrier of misconceptionsbeards that will inevitably mark your path of pioneering trust.

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