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Collective intelligence: a new leadership? -The circle Les Echos-12/7/13

Is it necessary to oppose collective intelligence and leadership or to see in one and the other complementary inseparable in a period of accelerated mutation of the economic world and uses, which asks to know how to find concrete answers and new forms of cooperation to gain agility, innovation capacity and competitiveness?

In an uncertain, changing, global and ultra-connected world, the traditional leadership patterns that enthsigned a clairvoyant, omniscient and omnipotent leader, an assertive hierarchy and a descending information mode are no longer really realistic or Desirable. Does this mean, however, the end of the need for “leaders”, authority, framework and leadership? Can collective intelligence be self-proclaimed, self-managed and without leaders?

The line is so easily crossed in the minds and the confusion so common between “collective intelligence”, the true, the effective, and a “participatory without limits and without framework allowing everything and its opposite because no one should decide not to risk of questioning the responsibility given to each to co-construct “.

So that collective intelligence bears all its fruits and brings innovative solutions and shared pride of a common and indisputable success, it needs, thus, sine qua non conditions. The respect of a framework and established rules, and the existence of an authority recognized by all actors as guarantor of the proper functioning of this shared intelligence, are part of it: a leader.

In order for there to be cross-fertilization when working together, there must be, at minima:

1) a stated and shared objective (“what are we trying to achieve?”)

(2) a defined framework (“what is questionable and what is not?”)

3) an authority capable of both read more about the article