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Client cases: to challenge new executives (CAC40) on their role: “being leader in the heart of the necessary transformations”

Objective: Facilitate the reflection of newly promoted leaders (Cac40) on their roles and the impact of their example and the modes of leadership/managerial culture on teams in terms of agility, innovation capacity and collective performance

Background : Internal seminar bringing together 40 international and multicultural leaders promoted for less than a year to an executive post. High expectations in a period of organisational transformations.

Issues : Capture the attention of these leaders, under pressure and in a highly changing environment, over a short time and be able to answer their questions (or some scepticism) with a relevant, operational and highly interactive intervention.

Modalities of intervention:

Tailor-made approach, at the service of accelerating transformations and the company’s strategy:
> Framing with leadership development and understanding of the context and objectives
> Close collaboration with the organizing team to ensure that the sequence is relevant to the expectations of the participants and the group, and to the operational concerns of the leaders
> Construction and animation of the highly interactive sequence: sharing of opening experience on the basis of the work walk the talk, followed by an interaction on the culture of home leadership, then a session of questions/answers allowing-via the mirror effect-to each of leave with concrete leads and answers directly in relation to his own situation.
> Satisfaction questionnaires given to each and stripped.

Results: very positive feedback, highlighting the awareness, “a risky but raised bet”.
An “enthusiasm and a desire to return to the field” to check the “insights” and achievements and “try, perhaps different answers to the usual answers to see what it can bring” “a nice invitation to walk the talk!”.