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Chronicle Les Echos – “Restore Sense and Confidence” – by Paule Boffa-Comby, Jean-Paul Bailly, Bertrand Collomb, henri Lachmann

“It is up to us to re-invent leadership models so that everyone can rediscover a space of breathing, initiatives and responsibility that engages, mobilizes and inspires them to give their best to the service of collective success.”
Read the whole of this chronicle on dec. 7 2015 onLes Echos(re)Giving Sense and Trust to transform crises into opportunities

CHRONICLE By Jean-Paul Bailly, Bertrand Collomb, Henri Lachmann and Paule Boffa-Comby – Les Echos Executives dec 7, 2015

Jean-Paul Bailly, honorary president of the La Poste group, Bertrand Collomb, honorary president of the Lafarge group, Henri Lachmann, former CEO of Schneider Electric and Paule Boffa-Comby, President of Rethink & LEAD sign a forum to “(re)give meaning and confidence within the company with the objective of “transforming crises into opportunities”

‘Our world is changing deeply.

Globalization and the complexity of the economic world are changing the benchmarks. The acceleration of technological revolutions calls into question traditional uses and even business models. The financialization of the economy leads to a predominance of short-term decisions and a development of reporting beyond what is necessary for management. Competitive and economic pressures create stress and fear. Digitization simultaneously brings the links closer and more distended, since it no longer allows a real relationship.


All of this has a significant impact on organizational and leadership modes and makes agility more necessary than ever in our large organizations.

In the face of these upheavals, leaders and organizations must re-invent themselves if they want to remain able to assume the primary mission of the company: to create wealth, not only material, but also intangible, for shareholders, customers, employees and the company in general.

If the role of the leader remains the same: ability to combine strategic vision, innovation management, leadership and economic efficiency, the levers are different:

– Recognizing the importance of man in economic success and rediscovering the spirit of the collective and of the general interest is essential in order to overcome territorial issues or conflicts of interest.

– Reinforcing meaning and confidence is essential to increase the company’s potential tenfold and enable teams to mobilize and give their best to transform constraints and crises into opportunities.

For the leader, this means making a conscious choice to put the man, the teams, at the heart of his strategy and the success of his company. That is to believe in the potential of any collaborator to surpass themselves and to solve the most difficult problems from the moment it is placed in a carrier environment, where trust, sense, demand and benevolence are the watchwords.

It is up to us to re-invent the models of leadership so that everyone can find a space of breath, initiatives and responsibility that engages, mobilizes and encourages him to give the best of himself to the service of collective success.

This is today the main challenge for leaders and large organizations. A challenge to create more shared wealth and sustainable growth, but also to satisfy both leaders themselves, employees, shareholders and all stakeholders.

Trust, a new leadership? We believe in it. “

Jean-Paul Bailly, Honorary President of the La Poste Group, Bertrand Collomb, Honorary President of Lafarge Group, Henri Lachmann, Honorary President of the Schneider Electric group, Paule Boffa-Comby, President of ReThink & lead

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