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Betting on the collective: another relation to time and result?

Mail frames. June 2016. by Paule Boffa-Comby

Any other relation to time and result?

Before making an important decision, the Indians had the habit of examining beforehand the consequences that it could have on the next seven generations. A perspective of the most powerful in terms of accountability. Times and pressures accelerate in organizations that are keen to find productivity and growth levers to make a difference in a hyper-competitive environment.

Without necessarily going as far as the Amerindians, one of the first keys to the liberation of individual and collective potentials is, without doubt, the return to a time horizon sufficient to allow accountability and trust and therefore the emergence of new actions and ideas.

Read more : http://courriercadres.com/management/conseils-dexpert/miser-sur-le-Collectif-un-autre-rapport-au-Temps-et-au-Resultat-03062016

Paule Boffa – Comby