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The leadership according to Jean-Dominique SENARD-Les Echos-7/02/19 (Valérie Landrieu)

For the new Renault’s CEO, the dynamics of accountability forces leaders and managers to advance themselves and accept the idea that they do not know everything.

Would the appointment of Jean-Dominique Senard as President of the Renault group, to succeed Carlos Ghosn, devote another way of directing? It is in any case ” a strong sign that times are changing. That other types of leadership are possible, recognized and even valued , says Paule Boffa-Comby, who accompanies companies and bosses on issues of collaboration and trust.

In his book “change method!” (ReThink & lead editions-2018), which boasts the keys to collective success, the leadership coach resumes an interview she had conducted in 2015 with the President of the Michelin Group, during which she questioned the concept of “accountability ». Jean-Dominique Senard discusses the Michelin methods and talks about his managerial convictions, the same ones that are worth the image of a boss if not social, at least carrying a progressive conception of the company. At a distance from a concentrated exercise of powers, like the one that is now denounced at Nissan.

Delegation chain

The dynamics [of accountability] oblige managers to make progress themselves, to accept the idea that they do not know everything, that their teams can bring them enormously and that their authority will grow in. ..